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  • P 8L


    Wake up that old tired magneto! The old cast plate with stripped holes, loose bearings, mis-alignment... a real failure-ridden POS! Our billet P8L points, cond, and bearing support has unique features like an adjusting 'notch', no-strip holes, EZ bearing access, all machined to original F-M blueprint specs. Comes complete with 7 of P7 original 'sems' type screws. No bearing (see note).

    NOTES: Most magnetos use P8 for a clockwise turning cam. This is P8L, used in mags with a counter-clockwise turning cam (like our G5 and 74LDMD rear mag). Uses P5L points.

    If you are also ordering the P10 bearing, we will send them assembled with the retainer (see picture 2), at no extra charge (tell us if you do NOT want assembled for some reason).