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  • MRA-R

    The MRA is a revolutionary new device which aids starting by retarding the timing on fixed-position magnetos, helping to turn the infamous kick-backs and spit-backs into starts. EZ Install. When the cap-mounted lever is flipped, the points 'shift' 10 degrees, retarding your timing 20 degrees for starting. The lever is then locked in the advanced position by a rare-earth magnet. You'll love it! The complete kit consists of a new cap and neoprene gasket, a set of points, condenser, and the actuating pieces themselves. MRA-R is for normal rotation, such as H-D XLCH's (clockwise viewing points cam), see MRA-G for the few models using reverse rotation, such as – G5, YXS, Dual Mag Rear, Horizontal Nose Cone hunt. Fits Morris and all older style (cast type) magnetos.

    NOTE: Fits all Morris Housings, H-D, and all cast Fairbanks-Morse. Let us know if this is for a new-style billet magneto OTHER than a Morris.